The European Choral Project 2000 AD

Concert Programme - Brussels 28 MayConcert Programme - London 15 July
Picture - St. Michael's College, Brussels,   Picture - Concert, Brussels, 28 May
Picture 1 - Concert, London 15 JulyPicture 2 - Concert, London, 15 July
Picture 3 - Concert, London, 15 July

This project was organised by Philip Norman Music Services in Association with Epping Phoenix Choir and 
St. John's Festival Choir.  Its aim was to co-ordinate performances of Beethoven's Mass in C major (Op 86) across Europe during the Summer of 2000, and to encourage singer and choir exchanges.
The final concert was held on 15 July in Stratford, East London. 

Apart from the local performances (such as that in Wiesbaden on 11 June, or Tyneside on 20 May) one of the major events of the project was a performance of the mass in Brussels on Sunday 28 May, organised by Chorale Royale Protestante de Bruxelles in the chapel of St. Michael's College (below). The Belgian choir was joined by singers from Epping Phoenix Choir and St. John's Festival Choir, and the performance was conducted by 
Daniel Burdet.

The Chapel of St. Michael's College, Brussels
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Concert Programme, Brussels, Sunday 28 May

Ensemble Luc Capouillez, Ensemble Chromatica (Leader - J Rubenstein)

Evelyne Bohen - Soprano     Eunice Arias - Mezzo
Robert Luts - Tenor        Bruno De Jonghe - Bass

Daniel Burdet - Conductor

WA Mozart
Sancta Maria KV 273
Misericordias Domini KV 222

Daniel Burdet
Psalm 143

WA Mozart
Litaniae Lauretanae KV 195

Ludwig van Beethoven

Mass in C Major Op 86

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Chorale Royale Protestante de Bruxelles with St. John's Festival Choir
The final concert of the project was held on Saturday 15 July in St. John's Church, Stratford, East London. For  this performance, sponsored by Epping Forest District Council, Newham Millennium Celebrations, Mander Ltd (Organ Builders), Guild Music Ltd, the British Federation of Young Choirs and various other businesses, 150 singers from around the world gathered.  The nations represented were  UK, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand and the USA.

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Concert Programme, London, Saturday 15 July

The Aurelian Ensemble (Leader Paul Samuels)

Amanda Pitt - Soprano  Fiona Bryant - Mezzo
James Geer - Tenor  Eamonn Dougan - Bass

Philip Norman - Conductor

Vittorio Antegnati
Kyrie, Sanctus and Benedictus from Missa Brevis

Franz Brixi
Motet - Pro Natali Domini

Felix Mendelssohn
Overture - Hebrides

WA Mozart
Motet - Exsultate Jubilate

Daniel Burdet
Psalm 43

Ludwig van Beethoven
Mass in C Major Op 86

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Following the success of this project, it is intended to organise other choral events across national boundaries.  Further  information will be available from 
Philip Norman +44 (0)20 8519 6491,

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