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Harlow Singers need a new Musical Director from September. Further information is available HERE.

The Harlow Singers
is a mixed voice choir meeting at 7.30pm on Mondays in St John's ARC, Old Harlow. Everyone who is interested in singing is welcome to our 90 minute rehearsals where, apart from enjoying a wide range of music, we learn the basic elements of reading music, keeping our place in a score, and singing technique.

The Harlow Singers is a useful choir to join if you want to get back into choral singing after a break of some years or even decades, or to try it out for the very first time.

The Harlow Singers rehearse in the same building, at the same time, as The Harlow Chorus. Spending a term or two with the Singers can be an opportunity to hone your singing skills before attempting the Chorus audition, if  you feel the need to do so.
The Harlow singers rehearse on Mondays in term-time from 7.30 - 9.00pm in St John's Arts and Recreation Centre, St Johns Walk, Old Harlow CM17 0AJ, with a half-term break.

The next rehearsal is scheduled for Monday 15 June. We will review this at the beginning of the month.

As The Harlow Singers are sharing a building with The Harlow Chorus, please make sure that you come to the Vestry Rooms to find the Singers.

There is  no style of music which  falls outside the wide embrace of The Harlow Singers. The only criterion applied is that the works chosen should enhance the quality of the choir and be an aid to good choral singing.
Membership of The Harlow Singers costs £50 per 10 week term. This covers the hire of a rehearsal venue, the production and/or purchase of music, the use of a rehearsal keyboard and the time and planning of the Musical Director. If some special project is likely to need extra funding, this is discussed beforehand.
Concerts and Events
In its former guise as The Harlow Academy and then The Harlow Chorus Training Choir, the Harlow Singers have promoted their own concerts (sometimes as hosts for other choirs, such as Caritatis from Norway in June 2016), choral workshops, and participated in concerts with The Harlow Chorus.
Next Event
Saturday 4 July 2020, 7.30 pm



Roding Valley High School
Alderton Hill
IG10 3JA

This event is not so much definite as projected.
We will review the situation at the beginning of June.
Musical Director
Philip Norman, who directs the Singers, is a professional musician with a wide choral background. You can read more about him HERE.
Harlow Chorus
The historical relationship between The Harlow Singers and The Harlow Chorus extends back several years as the Singers was originally formed and financed by the Chorus as a training arena for choristers not yet ready to join the Chorus (which has entry by audition). Although the Singers are now an independent, self-supporting choir, the close link is maintained. As both choirs rehearse in the same building at the same time, it could be convenient for potential Chorus members to enhance their audition-success chances by brushing up their skills by a short time with the Singers, should they wish to do so. Similarly, should any Singers members feel in need of a greater choral challenge, it would seem natural to seek membership of the Chorus.
We would love to hear from you. Either contact Philip Norman (07939 064 247 - ), or fill in the form below.




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At present, The Harlow Singers is a Sangerstevne (LINK) Project Choir. That is, they function as a district focus for promoting The London Sangerstevne
None at present.
Reading Music and Singing Tips
Here are some links to pages which can help you learn to read music.

THIS ONE for information about the notes, stave and rhythms, and

THIS ONE for help about how to think about reading music.

At THIS LINK, you can find a virtual piano to check your notes,

The BBC has some useful tips about singing HERE.
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