Olavs Menn
Male Voice Choir from
Trøndelag, Norway

Mini Concert Tour to England 

About the Choir
The male voice choir Olavs Menn was originally formed to supply the chorus for a performance of Thora paa Rimol, an opera by Hjalmar Borgstrøm, based on Snorres kongesagaer (Snorre's Sagas of the Kings), which deals with the conflict between Håkon (a heathen earl), Thora his wife, and King Olav Tryggvason (a Christian).

Since then, the choir has continued its activities, performing a wide range of secular and religious music.
The Choir's Mini Tour
The surprising thing about King Olav is that he was baptized in 994 in Andover. In recognition of this, Olavs Menn is travelling to England for the period Friday 27 October - Monday 30 October 2017 and, apart from singing in a London church for a service on the Sunday, will be giving a concert in Andover
Friday 27 October, 7.30pm onwards
The Dispensary Pub/Restaurant
19A Leman Street,
London E1 8EN

The choir will be singing between the courses of
their meal and afterwards. Come and join them for
a Friday evening drink and/or a meal. LINK
Saturday 28 October, 5.00pm
St Mary's Church, Church Close,

Olavs Menn on stage as part of
Thora paa Rimol

The Harmonium Singers