The London Sangerstevne 2019
Non-competitive Choral Festival
Sing for 12 minutes at a Festival concert and 30 minutes at a Fringe Concert.

The London Sangerstevne is a non-competitive choral festival open to all choirs; large or small, sacred or secular, now in its sixteenth year. It provides a relaxed environment within which choirs, within the historic City of London, are able to perform to and hear other choirs and discover new repertoire. They also have the opportunity enjoy the friendly atmosphere of The Viaduct Tavern and Starbucks Coffee Shop, both of which are opening exclusively for the Sangerstevne during the Main Festival on the Saturday.

Apart from participating in one of the Festival Concerts, choirs can choose to sing for longer at one of the Fringe Concerts at other times during the weekend festival.

Each participating choir performs a programme of their own choosing lasting up to 12 minutes in one of the four Festival Concerts on the Saturday (unless they have chosen not to come on this day). A grand piano is available for accompaniment.

All participating choirs have the opportunity to distribute their own promotional literature.

In keeping with the Sangerstevne tradition, a couple of simple pieces (called the Festival Pieces) will be sung at the end of each Saturday concert by all singers who want to be involved in this. These pieces will be available from a few months before the Sangerstevne and can be sent by post or downloaded from the web site.

The Fringe Concerts are organised in a more traditional manner