The London Sangerstevne 2019
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The word Sangerstevne is of Norwegian origin. It means a congress or coming together of singers. Sangerstevne are organised on a district, regional and national level. Sangerstevner are all non-competitive. Singers and choirs come together just to express their love and joy of singing, to meet new people and hear new repertoire.

The concept was brought back to the UK by Philip Norman (who had been Kantor and Organist of Orkdal - a municipality near Trondheim). The first London Sangerstevne was held in 2004 with approximately a hundred singers and seven or eight choirs.

A typical London Sangerstevne these days will involve some 30 choirs from several nations, and about 700-800 singers.

Main Festival - Saturday 18 May - St Sepulchre's Church
There will be a series of rolling concerts, each with 6 choirs, running from 12 noon to about 9.40pm. At the end of each concert, a couple of the Festival Pieces will be performed by those who wish to do so.

From 10am through to 8.00pm, participating choirs will be offered a short warm-up session in a location close to the church. This is likely to happen some time before the concert in which any one choir participates. For instance, if you are singing in a concert which begins as 12 noon, your warm-up time would be between 10.30am and 12.

During the whole of the day, from 10am through to 11pm, The Viaduct Tavern (LINK) will be open.

There will be space in the church for you to eat your own sandwiches, if you prefer.

Fringe Concerts - Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon
This refers to concerts in other churches across London at which choirs perform up to 30 mins music of their own choice.

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Choirs are requested to complete their registration, using the form below, by Monday 25 March  2019.

Payment for participation will need to be completed by Monday 15 April.
This payment will be returned if the choir is unavoidably unable to participate.

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