Bergen - Concert tour to Norway 1995

Philip Norman
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Jasna Gora - Concert Tour to Poland 1996

St. John's Festival Choir was formed in 1993 by Philip Norman. The choir is based in East London/SW Essex and made up of singers from many other choirs who sing with the choir for specific projects.  Each project is advertised, promoted and financed on a stand-alone basis, and singers register with the choir for just that project, with no obligation or commitment beyond that.  The rehearsal requirement is made plain in the initial advertising for each event, and is designed so that is does not conflict with the regular commitment to other choirs which singers may have.

Bellagio - Concert tour to Italy 1997

Choral Workshops
At regular intervals, choral workshops are organised by St. John's Festival Choir.  A choral piece is intensively studied on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and then presented at a public concert on the Sunday evening.  Works studied so far include:

Bruckner Requiem
Cherubini Requiem
Liszt Missa Choralis
Salieri Requiem
Salieri Hofkapellmeister-Messe
Rheinberger Stabat Mater
Gounod Messe Solennelle de Ste. Cecilia
Charpentier Messe de Minuit
Elgar Te Deum and Benedictus
Hummel Nikolaus-Messe
Gaensbacher Mass in F
Bizet Te Deum
Extracts from Hiawatha's Wedding Feast (Coleridge-Taylor), The Banner of St. George (Elgar), The Ancient Mariner (Barnett), Joan of Arc (Gaul), Elegiac Ode (Stanford), etc

Saumur - Concert Tour to France 1998

Concert Tours
St. John's Festival Choir has travelled on a number of concert tours in Europe.  Each tour has been organised so that there has been good time for more usual tourist activities, and family-members and friends of the singers have travelled with the choir.  These are the tours so far.  (* = weekend):

August 1995 Norway
Jan 1996 France*
August 1996 Poland
August 1997 Italy and Switzerland
August 1998 France
Sept 1998 Holland and Belgium*
August 1999 Finland
May 2000 Belgium*
August 2000 Germany and Austria
June 2002 Norfolk and Bedford*
July 2003 Czech Republic
August 2007 Poland. Click HERE for preliminary details

Turku - Concert tour to Finland 1999

Singing Competition
Occasionally, St. John's Festival Choir and Philip Norman Music Services promote a singing competition.  This competition is principally aimed at advanced students and  young professionals, but also provides for amateur singers.  Apart from monetary prizes, there are many concert engagements and audtions with large choirs woven into the prize structure. If there is a link at the end of this paragraph, another competition is being organised. For competition information- please follow this (LINK)

Innsbruck - Concert Tour to Austria 2000

Other Contacts

Melnik - Concert Tour to the Czech Republic 2003